ATS Consulting

Our business

ATS Consulting’s line of business is to provide clients the necessary assistance in the production of quality accounting and financial information.

In order to offer true added value to our clients, ATS consultants maintain the founding principles when executing client projects:

Our services

The consultants at ATS Consulting are highly experienced professionals who have worked in their field of operations for an average of 10 years..

With solid backgrounds in the corporate, consulting and financial industries, all ATS consultants are graduates from the leading business schools. Over half of our consultants at ATS Consulting are certified accountants.

Our consultants are constantly updating their skills. They regularly attend technical training courses on accounting standards, financial techniques and the leading reporting and consolidation software.

Their high level of education and their professional experience have provided them the tools to work with our clients in France and abroad in English, Spanish, French and German.

Our consultants, men and women, can be easily integrated into any project and are immediately ready to assist our clients. We work toward building long-term relations with our clients—relations that are based on mutual trust, transparency and transfer of knowledge.

Our assets at ATS Consulting, that allow us to make your project a success, are the following: